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Al-integrated website and app designed to revolutionize users car search. With the power of artificial intelligence, it helps users to find their perfect vehicle based on their needs and preferences. With our quick 6-minute survey, it helps to deliver personalized results that match users desires.

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A platform that connects with customer with a quick
survy and capturing preferences, budget, needs, and
provides transparent car buying information to make
informed decisions.


Our AI-integrated website approac with a quick 6
minute survey revolutionized car buying with
personalized recommendations, enhancing customer
satisfaction and boosting sales.

Design process

We designed a visually appealing platform that was easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface. The design was incorporated as a result of the Sconing Sessions and Product Design Sprints.

A simple

The implementation of the user-centric wireframe significantly improved the car buying
experience. The simple and intuitive layout made it effortless for users to find the perfect car
tailored to their needs and preference

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Project timeline

Starting with primary research, we proceeded to conduct secondary research and defined user personas. Moving forward, we ideated the design with continous evaluation and refinement.

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Color &

We designed a visually appealing platform that was easy to navigate, with a user-friendly interface. The design was incorporated as a result of the Scoping Sessions.


Project challenges

The key challenge in developing Caristas was to design a platform that could connect with customers' emotions and simplify the buying process.

  • The platform had to be user-friendly and intuitive, making it easy for consumers to understand and use the technology.
  • We had to create a matching algorithm that connects users with their perfect car and provides a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of the car-buying journey.
  • The platform had to be able to collect and process large amounts of this captured data, including user information, vehicle inventory, and pricing, and match them with the right vehicles.

Our Process

Going with our process, we conducted an initial Scoping Session to understand Caristas's long-term vision.


Scoping sessions

Intensive meetings to plan, strategize and document project scope, budget and timeline.


Discovery workshop

Next up, our experts help you steer your idea's scope with every stakeholder.


Product Design Sprint

Rapid user-centered prototyping to validate your billion-dollar idea.


Product strategy

Devising a long-term strategy to guide all product development decisions and to ensure a successful product launch.


Product management

The journey doesn’t end here. We follow agile development to create user-centric mobile solutions.

A simple and modern
user interfacece


Final takeaway

In partnering with Caristas, we embarked on a transformative journey to reshape the car buying experience. By developing a user-centric website and app, we ensured that every interaction aligned with user's unique needs and preferences. The personalized platform streamlined the car selection process, providing customers with tailored solutions for their car needs.


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