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About Opar

A networking platform that connects people and places-bringing closer to the unexplored version of social media the moment you become a part of the exclusive OPAR community.



Since technology and social media are an integral part of our personal lives, social and professional life, there are an infinite number.


The project aimed to develop an app facilitating the discovery of trendy spots while fostering connections among individuals sharing similar interests.


Our solution involved crafting an app that gauges users interest and locates relevant places tailored to their preferences.

Design process

Since technology and social media are an integral part of our personal lives, social and professional life.

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Project timeline

Starting with primary research, we proceeded to conduct secondary research and defined user personas. Moving forward, we ideated the design with continous evaluation and refinement.

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Project challenges

The challenges with a project like this were innumerable, we had to develop a product that connects with the new generation of tech savvy people, but with an approach of keeping it unique in its own way and maintaining the originality of the application. 

  • The plan was to launch the product during the FIFA world cup 2022, so the timelines were bound realistically.
  • Since most of the features were on the similar objective as other social networking applications.
  • As any social media platform works, the application was heavily collecting data from across the globe.

Our Process

Going with our process, we conducted an initial Scoping Session to understand Tavus's long-term vision.


Scoping sessions

Intensive meetings to plan, strategize and document project scope, budget and timeline.


Discovery workshop

Next up, our experts help you steer your idea's scope with every stakeholder.


Product Design Sprint

Rapid user-centered prototyping to validate your billion-dollar idea.


Product strategy

Devising a long-term strategy to guide all product development decisions and to ensure a successful product launch.


Product management

The journey doesn’t end here. We follow agile development to create user-centric mobile solutions.


Just.Live has the potential to empower people around the world by allowing them to share their stories in a safe, secure way. Although the application has not launched yet, we are excited to contribute to a solution that gives people the ability to connect with and be protected by a worldwide community.

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