Guaranteeing market
acceptance much
before development

At our discovery session, we bring your stakeholders and
our analysts, designers, and developers together to define
the vision of your software project. The outcome is a
digital solution that is accepted from day one of its launch,
is technically viable, and is change-ready.

product design

Designing scoping sessions that help
you identify risks and plan business

Whether you are building a new digital product or improving your existing solution, our discovery
session is the place to start. We help you get assured of your digital product’s market and technical
viability much before the design and development process.

Tech Documentation and Project Roadmap
Tech Documentation and Project Roadmap

Our tech and market analysts build an in-depth tech documentation, project roadmap that helps draft your short and long-term plan and priorities. We create the documents that act as a guideline for developers and stakeholders to refer to when they are establishing the business model and planning the development journey.

UX Design
UX Design

With the findings revealed in the discovery workshop, our design team creates a wireframe of your digital solution - one that aligns your product’s experience with the users’ organic movements and industry-recognized usability standards. The design then acts as a source of envisioning user movements and identifying high conversion areas.

MVP Development
MVP Development

Simublade engineers excel at building MVP versions of your solutions which are the best reflection of your business model. We also create a feedback gathering mechanism that ultimately helps with launching a fully-tested, users accepted digital solution in a limited turnaround time and monetary investment.

Product Upgrade
Product Upgrade

We look at your existing digital product from a fresh perspective ensuring that it is powered by emerging technologies and user trends, regulatory requirements, and market movements. Based on the insights that are revealed in the discovery process, we create a roadmap of your solution upgrade.

Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment

Every software idea is unique, both in terms of features and risks. At Simublade, our QA team assesses your product on the basis of complexity, size, and geographic reach to proactively identify and prioritize threats - an assessment we use to make your software future-ready.

Idea Validation
Idea Validation

We brainstorm multiple idea variations with you to identify a sweet spot between your business goal, technical readiness, and market acceptance. Our team apply a range of validation tactics that works perfectly for matching hypotheses with your software’s reality and proves the need for your product in the market.


The three-phase
discovery workshop
that answers

Our UX discovery workshop sets up the foundation of your digital
product, identifies risks, and creates a roadmap of milestone
completion. We bring your stakeholders and our engineers,
designers together to conceptualize a solution that is the best
reflection of your business goals, market needs, and technical readiness.


We prepare for the collaboration-heavy workshop by creating a high-level understanding of your requirements based on our first interaction and running a competitor analysis. It gives us a heads-up on the workshop.

  • Initial project understanding 
  • Workshop preparation guidance
  • Preliminary research

During Workshop

The two weeks long session analyzes your project on multiple grounds - user persona, features and USPs, technologies selection, and market readiness. A set of insights that we build on the basis of extensive RTD.

  • In-depth business analysis
  • Extensive brainstorming
  • Project plan creation


The discovery workshop process ends with tangible project scope results that initiate the design and development journey with the confidence that the product is technically viable and market ready.

  • Detailed roadmap delivery
  • Feedback collection mechanism 
  • Outcome review and iteration

Tools that streamlines the
scope of the project

The success of a discovery workshop session lies with the right combination of tools, strategies, and
market research. At Simublade, we use the best tools and techniques that ensures your discovery
workshop results into a profitable outcome.


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A discovery workshop session helps businesses achieve multiple goals -
  • Better understanding of the digital solution
  • Accurate project scope definition
  • Clarity on project timeline and milestones
  • Coordination between design, development team and clients
  • Time and money saving with MVP development

The result of discovery meetings can often be seen in documents and clarity around - user persona, detailed market analysis, project roadmap, milestone planning, and project goals.

There are a number of things entrepreneurs can prepare or collate beforehand before the discovery workshop is initiated. Here are a few of them -
  • Clear objectives
  • Questions and concerns
  • Basic technological understanding
  • Preliminary research

The duration would depend entirely on the complexity of the idea, however, it typically takes somewhere between 4 to 5 weeks to complete a discovery workshop session.

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