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We get your key stakeholders in one room with our business analysts and designers to fix your business vision, establish your user persona, plan out your brand positioning, and answer key questions. The end goal: faster market validation in a matter of days instead of months.

product design

1 Session. 5 Days.
Countless Benefits.

The product design sprint session gives you a superpower: to fast forward to the future and see your finished
product and its acceptance. Our product design sprint company specializes in holding a session where you
build business models, highlight key business questions, and get critical answers from real users.

Expedited New Product

Speed is considered the new business currency. Our design sprint process makes it possible for you to measure your idea against multiple scenarios - challenges, viability, and market adoption - all within a timeframe of 5 days. This level of expedited validation leads to an equally expedited new product discovery.

Lesser Risks and Doubts

One of the main outcomes of our product design sprint session is a high fidelity prototype which is the best reflection of what your software is capable of doing. With this prototype ready, you can easily gauge the market acceptance rate without putting a lot of money and effort into MVP-level development.

End-users Validation

Unlike other design sprint companies in USA, we involve real users in the process. We share your idea and prototype with real users to know their opinion and features they would like to see in a solution like yours. This gives businesses a sense of assurance in terms of user acceptance.

Simplified Solutions for
Complex Issues

The main benefits of product design sprint is to find the pain points and convert them into solutions. Along with effective collaboration, it empowers stakeholders to share ideas, risks and confusions which can impact the final results. This collaborative approach enables you to get answers to complex issues in a very short time period.


5 Days exercise plan
for validating your

We combine our marketing-thinking approach to first come up with problems that need to be solved with our design-thinking model to prioritize the complex business issues. With the foundation ready, we initiate the 5 days design sprint session. 

Challenges and Audience

On day one, we look into the core business idea to finalize the target audience, brainstorm problems, and discuss the success metrics.


Create Concepts & User

Our team and yours come to the table with the intent to sketch ideas and user journeys options to discover concepts that are worthy of further exploration.


Prototype and Tests

With the user persona and journeys now built, we start with making hi-fidelity prototypes. The goal here is to create a version that is easily shareable and scalable.


Concept Validation

We share the prototype with your end users to gauge their first impressions and willingness to become permanent users.


Insights-filled Report

With the product design workshop now complete, we build a report packed with data and insights for your stakeholders and investors.


Come in with idea,
leave with actionable items

At Simublade, your product design sprint session starts with strengthening an idea and the five days end with
a number of collaterals which you can use to build your software with the confidence of market acceptance.

Customer Journey Map

A user flow journey as they move from being browsers to buyers.

Preliminary Visual Designs

First-level design elements ranging from buttons to icons, and screens.

High-fidelity Prototype

Clickable prototype giving the stakeholders a first-hand view of user experience.

User Test Summary

Test report containing insights of users feedback and suggestions.

Team Alignment

A culture where teams - your internal and stakeholders align on project vision.

Product Strategy

A plan and roadmap of product development and deliverables that would act as a foundation.

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Since our clients are spread across the globe, we do offer the option to have a remote product design sprint. We perform it through the Miro platform, which is a collaboration tool which allows teams to engage in ideation sessions.

There are a number of deliverables that we promise post sprint session -
  • Customer journey map
  • Preliminary visual designs
  • High-fidelity prototype
  • User test summary
  • Team alignment
  • Product strategy

Before the start of the session, our product design sprint specialists run a research to
define the sprint scope where in we look into your competitors, features you can have, what
the USPs should be, etc. high-level

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